Brio has always been committed to improving our research and design capabilities in the electronic manufacturing service, so that we can better provide customers with the following services:

1.      Product design services: we can participate in product research and development, as well as provide industrial design services to our customers. We can also develop customized product according to customers’ requirement.
2.       DFM (Design for Manufacturing): We can help our customers to design for manufacturability, so to achieve the high reliability and low manufacturing cost by eliminating redundant processes that may result in additional time and cost, to transition to the mass production smoothly and successfully.
3.       DFT (Design for Test): We can help design products testability for product function and performance test so to enhance products’ reliability, which in turn to reduce product’s manufacturing and maintenance cost, simplify processes, and shorten testing procedure development time.
4.       Material analysis: We can help our customer to standardize the Bill of Materials by assisting customer in component selection, spec analysis, component feasibility etc..
5.       Repair service: With more than 20 years of trouble shooting and repairing experience our product engineers have a strong capability to resolve products’ defect and malfunction.
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